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Feeling defeated and trapped

I have been so diligent about wearing a mask, washing/sanitizing my hands, social distancing, only going to the grocery store once a week. When I visit my elderly parents who have ALL the health issues that could make Covid 19 a death sentence, I’m outdoors and more than 6ft away. I’m trying to do everything right because I don’t want to catch and spread this disease to anyone let alone my husband and/or parents/grandparents.
But I feel like all my efforts are pointless. At BM’s House the kids play with their neighbors and are in and out of each other’s houses. BM and boyfriend go out on dates , including the casino. Birthday parties are being held for the kids now with all grandparents (except mine) in attendance. The children are going to Walmart with BM, grandparents and recently my DH.
DH is allowing them to play with neighbors at our house now despite my anxiety about the situation. I know the neighbors aren’t wearing make or social distancing while they go out.
The kids don’t understand why they can’t see my parents. They don’t understand why I won’t let them go to the store with me. Why wouldn’t they be able to play with the neighbors at our house if they are playing with the neighbors at BM’s?
I feel like I’m going crazy. How am I the only one who gives a shit about this?! Is it going to take our family catching Covid to take it seriously? I don’t want to give the kids a complex about this, but holy shit why am I the only one in this family who seems to care?!
Not only is the virus scary in it’s own right but the ability for DH and I to have an ours baby is on the line. DH had a reversal surgery and has to take medication to keep everything open and not create scar tissue. This medication suppresses the immune system. He has a higher risk of catching Covid and if he does catch it he has to stop taking the medication and he will then scar over. Not to mention his risk of recovery could be comprised as well.
Anyone else in the same boat?
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Boyfriend (21M) is going to a casino for his birthday. I (21F) want him to get a COVID test after. He refuses.

Hi there,
So for context, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about two years and have a good relationship. We live in America, and of course there is currently a pandemic. So basically, my boyfriend's grandmother (who had COVID two months ago), his mom (an anti-masker) and his uncle are all planning on going to a casino in Louisiana this weekend. I was invited but declined to come because both of my parents are at risk, as well as my roommate's mother who has cancer. Throughout the pandemic I have been very careful, I do work a service job but always with a mask and with limited contact with customers. I didn't have a problem with him going, because well- I can't control him and it's his birthday. However, I did ask him that before we see each other again after he returns he gets a COVID test to be sure he didn't catch it at a casino. He refuses, and says that after four days if he doesn't have symptoms (along with the rest of his family) we'll be fine. This to me seems to be an obviously flawed logic, which I explained to him, but he doesn't care to hear it.
The other option is for him to quarantine for two weeks. This is complicated, since we live about 500 feet away from each other, and have pretty much all the same friends that either live in his apartment or mine. He actually shares a bedroom with another roommate, which would make quarantining essentially impossible. I also don't think he's willing to actually isolate.
So here we are. I am frustrated, because this is actually the second time in the past couple of months that we had this conversation. The first is because he went to a football game for his dad's birthday, when he also refused to get tested. There were thousands of people there. The result of that was a massive fight, a lot of conversations, and me eventually caving and seeing him before the two weeks was up because I was feeling really depressed. I am also moving away from him in January, meaning we don't really have much time left to be around each other in person.
My question is- am I overreacting? Under-reacting? I am currently simmering on this situation and feel like he's being inconsiderate. Oh! and he also threw out the other night that his uncle also wants to take him to the strip club. This bothers me because, well, how do you get a lap dance while socially distanced? It seems reckless to do these things and then also refusing to get a test afterwards. I feel I've sacrificed so much of my life recently to be safe, but he's willing to throw it away to gamble and see strippers. So, if you were in my situation, what would you do?
TL;DR: my boyfriend is going to a casino with his family this weekend in another state and refuses to get tested when he comes back.
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(+3556) My friend's grandma just turned 103. For her birthday he took her to the casino, to an all you can eat crab place, and then he took her to get her first tattoo.

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Husband went to casino for my birthday, without me.

So yesterday was my birthday, had to work a 12 hour shift through the whole day. My coworkers and job are amazing and I had a great day.
My husband had some leftovers heated up for me when I got home which was super nice of him.
So I end up falling asleep late, and wake up and call him to see where he's at.
He's at the casino with his buddy... Idk if I'm overreacting, or if I should just end it all now.
We are both 29 been together almost 10 years, and have two sons together.
About a year and a half now he has had issues with drugs and talking inappropriately with other women.
I have begged him not to leave in the middle of the night, it makes me worry tremendously if he's cheating or overdosed somewhere.
He just leaves, no note, nothing. Idk I don't even want to talk to him. How do I comprehend this situation? I feel like if he wants to act single, go ahead. I work my ass off, he has no job and he's the one who gets to go have fun? I'm really exhausted from it all and would appreciate any advice.
Edit: I had no idea I would so many responses. I feel as though I should clarify a few things. Most of you are right, it's not about my birthday, it's not about him having fun without me. It was the point of disrespecting me when I ask him not to do something that is so standard in relationships.
For a good 8 years we had an amazing relationship, we were best friends, he was my home. He held the same job that whole time, provided for his family. He is all I know, I thought I would grow old with him and never wanted another.
He has made so many mistakes, he has broken me, he is lost. But I started seeing who he used to be again and I held on despite not being really happy.
He has been getting better with his drug addiction, I told him I would not give up on him and for my kids I will make sure they have their dad for a long time.
He does not gamble, that just happened to be what he was doing last night.
I know I'm a fool, most days I want to run... Idk why I can't.
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2 years old! Happy Birthday to Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino!

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AITA for not wanting to go out and celebrate my birthday at a casino?

So my birthday is coming up. My sister and mom are taking a road trip (they both live in different states) and would be close to me on my birthday. So I mentioned I’d like to see them.
They both agreed to come visit and stay the night on my birthday and I was excited.
Then my sister asked if we could go out for a drink. I’m not a drinker, and I also don’t really want to go out (we’re in a pandemic, and our city has been hit hard).
I told her she can go out for a drink, but I’d like to stay home. I figured it’s my birthday so I just kind of want to do what I want to do, which is relax at home with some take out. She got annoyed and has now roped my mom into this. My mom has now pretty much said that we’re going to go our for a drink at a casino to celebrate.
The casino is less than 5 minutes away, but I really don’t want to go out for my birthday (especially since my mom is high risk) but she just says we’ll wear masks. I don’t want to turn this into a big thing because I rarely see my mom, so AITA for deciding not to go, or should I just suck it up?
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Birthday is tomorrow. Spending the day out of the house (likely going to the casino) and leaving my phone at home so I don't have to receive any birthday wishes.

Deciding whether or not I should give myself one year until I off myself, or more or less than that.
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I won the Casino car on my birthday. Thank you R*

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"3 AM freestyle" Relased on April 19th, 2014. Song is apology to Ski for ruining his birthday party. Song using Clams Casino "Human" as instrumental. Song was realsed twice and got deleted. We have some lyrics (in comments)

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Time to wish CASINO ROYALE’s Solange – aka Caterina Murino – a very Happy Birthday. “Call room service for more champagne!”

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Safe at the casino for this one’s birthday!

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Reddit, if you went to the strip club / casino for your 18th birthday, how did it go?

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Boyfriend lied and ditched me to go to the Casinos during birthday visit.

I (23, F) broke up with my boyfriend, Rahul(25,M) after being in a long distance relationship for 8 months..
Rahul was my first serious boyfriend and my first love so this is very difficult for me. Rahul is a trucker and lives on the west coast, while I live on the east coast. He moved to the west coast 2 months after we started dating, and since then we video chatted and kept in touch regularly, and every couple of months he would stop by on his trucking route to spend a day or two with me.
Rahul has always been a super sweet, caring, supportive, generous, and handsome human being. We were both deeply attracted to each other physically and emotionally, and fell in love rather quickly. Things were going great until this July, the month of my birthday. He told me he would be coming to visit a week after my birthday. He said he would take me out for dinner somewhere nice, and that he had a surprise for me. I figured the surprise would be some flowers and candy like he gave me on Valentine's Day.
July rolled around, and he called me the night before my birthday to wish me a happy birthday tomorrow. The following day (my actual birthday) he didn't say happy birthday and just texted me like it's a regular day. It's fine though because he already wished me happy birthday the night before. Anyways, a week passes and he comes to the east coast to visit. (Like always, he's never sure how long he can stay - it depends when his boss calls him to tell him to pick up the next truck load. He usually stays 2 to 4 days though.)
So Rahul arrives to my town late at night. He stays the night at my place and we have a wonderful night together watching movies. In the morning, I drop him off at his brother's house and we plan to meet up later in the evening to have lunch or dinner. Well that doesn't happen..
I take a long nap and wake up at 8pm. (Oops) Check my phone - no texts from him. So I text him and ask if he still wants to go to dinner. He texts back and says he's actually at his uncle's house -he was invited to a big family dinner. No problem, he has family he needs to catch up with so I'll see him tomorrow then. Only I don't see him tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and he tells me he's going to spend the whole day at his uncle's house. I'm disappointed because I thought we were going to have dinner and spend time together. Anyways later that day I run into one of his close friends in town, and the friend mentioned Rahul was busy having fun at the Casinos in Atlantic City with his buddies.
I was like "what.. That's not what he told me??"
The friend also mentioned that Rahul was planning on leaving back to the west coast tomorrow to pick up his next truck load. The next morning I called Rahul out on everything and he admitted he indeed was in Atlantic City (and still was) and that he lied to me and was deeply sorry. Rahul also admitted he did have to leave today but wasn't 100% sure yet since his boss hadn't confirmed it.
I don't anger easily, but I was pissed and basically told him to fuck off. He lied to me about his whereabouts, and spent all of his limited time hanging out with buds at the Casinos instead of having the birthday dinner with me that he promised. He also lied about the "surprise" he had for me. There was no surprise. He explained that he was planning on taking me out shopping and buying me something as the birthday surprise but it never happened. He also explained he lied about the Casinos because he felt guilty spending the day with his friends instead of with me. But he felt obligated to see them too and didn't want to ruin the friendship, and had to choose. He apologized profusely but at the same time made a ton of weird excuses and tried to turn the blame on me.
Rahul ended up texting me that he was leaving the next morning back to the west coast, and I told him we are done. That one night together we spent cuddling and watching movies was the last time I saw him.
Do you think I'm being harsh for breaking up with him or did I do the right thing? I'm so crushed. Do you think there is a way to fix our relationship or should I not even bother? I just really love him and we were so happy before this. I don't know how it went downhill so fast..
TL;DR: When my long distance boyfriend came to visit near my bday, he spent the majority of the time with his friends at the Casinos, lied about his whereabouts, and never took me out to the birthday dinner or gave me the "surprise" he promised. Did I do the right thing by breaking up?
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Best Vegas Casino for First Time Visitor? 21st Birthday?

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GTA V Car Meets ~ Day 12 ~ Birthday Party ~ Before Casino Party

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Best Casino for First Time Visitor? 21st Birthday?

For my 13th birthday, I wished it would be my 21st birthday so I could go to Vegas. This December my wish comes true :)
As much as I have dreamt of the trip, I find it almost impossible to pull the trigger on which property to stay at. I have been saving for my trip for a number of years so I have a decent budget for the trip, but at the end of the day I am young and money doesn't flow endlessly. My 21st is on Xmas eve so I would love to stay from 24th-27th (Thursday - Sunday). I have about $4,000 - $5,000 for my trip and would love to keep most of my expenses down to blow on the tables. At my core, I am a degenerate so gambling is truly what I am looking for. BTW I am within driving distance of Vegas
I guess I am looking for any tips from Vegas Veterans, hotel recommendations, and general guidance.
I wish I could have been alive to shoot dice with Dean and Frank at the Sands...Thanks for your help,Jake
(I apologies if my Reddit etiquette isn't very good I am new)
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A week ago my great grandpa passed away. I always planned on spending my 21st birthday at the casino with him, but he left us 45 days too soon. I already miss him a lot.

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Is the Hard Rock Casino a good place to celebrate a birthday?

I’ll be turning 23 years old and was thinking of celebrating my birthday there because I can get free rooms. However, none of my friends gamble. I also don’t see many entertainment options aside from a bar in the middle of the casino. It’s also in Wheatland... in the middle of nowhere.
I’ve only been a couple times, but never explored. Is there anything there to do for 21 year olds who don’t gamble?
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Happy Birthday Diamond Casino

Exactly one year ago today the Diamond casino was born. Thank you for the money you have made for me this past year and the hours of entertainment you have provided for my friends and I.
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Harrah’s Murphy Casino for my 35th birthday.

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Could you help me for my sisters birthday? (Host some casino heists)

My goal is to hit 10 mil for my sisters birthday. I'll hop onto her account and then if anyone could help get some money that would be awesome. She really loves GTA, but she isnt that great at it XD Due to lockdown theres not much that I could do so hopefully with some help from reddit I can make it some what fun for her
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Another birthday another book! Someone knows how to spoil me. Started with Casino Royale last year, hope to some day have them all!

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casino theme party decoration //birthday decoration //by ...

Created by InShot:https://inshotapp.com/share/youtube.htm Music: Wanna Musician: @iksonmusic if you enjoy the video, like ,share and, subscribe vans... Hi Everyone, just wanted to share a bit of decorations using the Casino Theme for my Daughter’s Birthday-tfw🤗 Especially on your birthday. Watch for your free play coupon in the mail. Didn’t get your birthday gift-come on in to Win- River Resort and Casino ... Watch for your free play coupon in the mail. Happinings with the barako boys at the wuli company, wufong taiwan... Featuring billiard queen Roseminda In case you missed these AMAZING VegasLowRoller YouTube videos, here are a few huge wins from my channel: A HUGE WIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCOLBnV... Bring the lights and excitement of Las Vegas to your next fundraising event or party with Shindigz. Our Party Planning Pro, Wendy Moyle walks you through how... Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_winner_gta_crew/wall Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/213roland_official/?hl=hu Discord server: ht... Well this video was made when it was my brithday but sadly the whole G-mail linking thing got in the way and I couldn't get in my shadow759 name and had to ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...